Immediate emergency care ensures the health of your furry companion

Just like us, our pets sometimes need immediate emergency care. Pet emergencies can occur at any time, day or night, and will require veterinarian care as soon as possible. This may be due to an injury, accident, or sudden onset of a serious illness. Just as it is important to bring our children or ourselves to an emergency room for immediate medical care, the same applies to our furry family members. At San Marco Animal Hospital, we are pleased to offer a wide range of services for current or new pets, including emergency pet care.

What to expect with an emergency visit

If you are looking for a clinic nearby in Jacksonville, Florida, that offers emergency pet care, visit our center as soon as problems arise. We understand that a situation such as this can be frightening and emotional, but our compassionate veterinary team can aid in the care of your pet during this time. We will evaluate their condition, obtain a definitive diagnosis, and discuss possible treatment options. We have the diagnostic tools, medications, and equipment to provide the very best care possible in your pet’s time of need.

Our qualified veterinary staff will evaluate your pet as soon as you arrive at our practice. We can then discuss the issue at hand and make knowledgeable recommendations for the best course of action to move forward. If a pet requires euthanasia, we can provide this service at the same appointment to bring your pet peace and comfort. We understand that this type of situation warrants difficult choices to be made, but in certain circumstances, it may be highly recommended.

Call San Marco Animal Hospital in the event of a pet emergency

If you are looking for a “veterinarian near me” that offers emergency pet care, call our center in Jacksonville, FL, today at 904-399-5557, or bring your pet immediately to our facility located at 1546 San Marco Boulevard. Our veterinarians and staff are ready and prepared to assist with immediate emergency care.

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