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No one ever wants to think about their pet getting lost. The experience can be scary and leave owners feeling helpless, and of course, concerned for their pet.

What if you could have peace of mind knowing that if your pet ever did get lost, they had a microchip which contained a means to get you and your pet reunited?

Each year thousands of pets go missing, the unfortunate truth is that most missing pets are never found. Microchipping is an easy and affordable way to greatly increase the chances of your pet making their way back home if they are lost.

Collars and tags can break, fall off, become damaged or get lost. This leaves your pet without any means of identification.

  What is a Microchip?    

A microchip is a small rice sized and shaped chip which is placed underneath pets skin between the shoulder blades. Implantation is safe and takes only a few minutes.

Each chip contains a unique microchip number which can be used to trace pets back to their owners.

If a lost pet is picked up by animal control or brought to an animal hospital, that pet will be scanned for a microchip. Simply scanning the pet with a universal microchip scanner could reunite the pet with its family.

Ask us about microchipping your pet today!

 If your pet is already microchipped, please remember to update the information associated with the chip.  

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